Move With Freedom

A program that provides at home free assessment of foot across India. The program is a brain child of Kan Innovations to help india stand on its feet happy and healthy.

Kan Innovations Pvt Ltd specializes in foot bio mechanic technology providing tech driven solutions in th field of physiotherapy, orthopaedics and diabetology.  The Foot assessment program by Kan Innovation will ply its technology Plantar Pressure Mat. It helps to  identify uneven distribution of weight on the foot,  abnormal walking patterns and also identify root cause ankle, foot, hip and back pain. Using this we help you find a right solution for your problem.

It's time to do away with your foot problems!

Benefits You Get

  • FREE Tests worth INR 1500/-
    Note: Tests are conducted by expert at Kan Innovations

  • Experts evaluation on foot & biomechanical assessment

  • Injury prevention by understanding the root cause

  • Additional discounts on orthotic solutions

  • Enhanced health, performance, and foot care


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