TREDVISOR is a app developed for the practitioners from the field of orthopedics and physiotherapy, providing utility and solution-based functions that help them upscale and transform their practice.
The app empowers medical practitioners with functions of capture app, insole finder, useful in their everyday practice. Help your patients' towards good foot health by recommending through an online store that offers foot insole solutions.


Join us in our bid to help India stand on its feet PAIN-FREE!

Top Features


Capture App

Register, record your patient data, measure angles of hallux valgus and understand angles remotely on the phone anytime on the go. 



Recommend or make a purchase for insoles based on the client's foot condition and foot complaints

insole finder-01.png

Sole Finder

Find the best sole recommendation, based on the advanced, smartly configured algorithm, based on the certain permutations and data of patient’s foot conditions given by the doctors.