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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I buy insoles without prescription
    Yes, Tred insoles are not only designed for solving foot problems but are also designed to provide support, comfort and relief. You do not need a prescription. If you are confused about which insole is best for you, you can use our insole finder.
  • Do you provide any warranty on these insoles?
    All our TRED insoles undergoes a strict Quality check and asessment before it is released for public use. We do not provide warranty on these insoles. The wear and tear depends on the condition, weight and how rigourous the daily activities are.
  • Are there insoles suitable for all weather seasons?
    Yes, TRED insoles can be used in all weather conditions.
  • Can I get a trial for insoles ?
    Unfortunately not possible at the moment. If you are concerned about anything you can whatsapp us by clicking on the link on our home page or you can email us on
  • Can I wash these insoles?
    Yes you can hand wash them with water. We do not recommend using soap. You can air dry after washing.
  • Can I use same insole in different shoes?
    It depends on the shoes! Each shoe has its own unique shape and structure. If and when you trim the insole, it is not necessary that you will be able to use it in another shoe. Also some our insoles are designed specifically for sports shoes and may not fit into flat and narrow shoes.
  • Are these insoles available in different colors?
    Unfortunately no. But if you have any cool ideas, please reach out to us on
  • After buying these insoles, do i have to visit doctor?"
    Not necessary, however, If a new pain or problems arise or if you are having a skin reaction to the insoles, you should visit the doctor
  • Are these insoles heavy in weight?
    All our insoles are super light and we are sure that you wont even feel its there.
  • How do i cut insoles to perfectly in my shoes?
    We provide cutting instruction on the box itself. You can either use the insole of the shoes to trace the shape or you can cut according to the tracelines engraved on the back of the insole.
  • When do i have to replace my insoles?
    This depends on your body type, conditions and your daily usage.
  • What if there is sizing issues ?
    Please make sure you check out the sizing chart uploaded in each of our product galleries. If you are having sizing issues, please reach out to
  • Are these insoles avaiable in kid's size?
    Not at the moment. For older kids, you can measure their foot length and see if the XS and S sizes fit them.
  • How can i find out my feet sizing ?
    A good approach would be to trace your foot on a piece of paper and measure your footlength. You can then match it to our insole size using the sizing chart.
  • What type of material is used for manufacturing insoles?
    Each insole is developed and designed with different material depending on the purpose. You can find more information on www.tredinsoles/products
  • Why should we recommend Glyde for Plantar Fasciitis ?
    Glyde has a deep heel cup which helps stabilize the heel as well as biomechanical arch support which helps stretch the plantar fascia and provide long term relief. The arch support in the glyde is not overly rigid, which helps sensitive users to ease into it.
  • Can I prescribe the insoles to my family member?
    Yes, however be noted that every member have different body type and different conditions. Use our insole finder to find the right fit for them. You can also reach out to us on whatsapp with any concerns.
  • Which insoles are suitable for me?
    Insoles recommendation depends on body and type of feet, you can use our insole finder to find the right fit for you, You can also reach out to us on whatsapp with any concerns.
  • How do i find out my foot type?
    Place a piece of paper on the ground. Gently wet your feet and walk across the paper stepping on it with your left foot. Turn around and now do the same stepping across with your right foot. You will be able to see the impression. You can match this to the profiles shown in our insole finder.
  • How soon can i see the improvement?
    It could be instantaneous or it could even take a couple of weeks depending on your body and your conditions.
  • What if there is a reaction to my feet because of my insoles?
    If you have a skin reaction, we recommend you to visit your doctor. Also we would recommend to ask your doctor before the purchase if your skin is allergic or sensitive to any foreign element.
  • Who is your logistics partner?
    To avoid any delays and mishandling, we have on boarded Blue Dart as strong logistical partner.
  • What is the delivery time?
    It takes between 2-4 working days from the date of ordering.
  • What if my shipment is damaged?
    We pack all orders in hard 3 ply carboard boxes, designed to protect against all impact. Incase the order comes damaged, please share images of the damaged package on with your order ID and we will look into the matter with our top most priority.
  • What if there is delay in shipment?
    We Certainly do not want your shipments to be delayed. however given the current pandemic, there can be some delays. We have a strong delivery partner in bluedart and hopefully this will not be the case.
  • What is the refund policy?
    We do not do returns unless and until it is a manufacturing defect. Incase if there any defect, you can write to us on
  • Do i need to change my insole if my condition improves after sometime? will they insoles adapt ?
    Your TRED insoles get more comfortable with increased usage. They will change in shape over time. If your condition improves, you will know its working.
  • I dont believe in insoles. Do they really work?
    Insoles are the real deal. With our scientifically designed insoles, it can help solve many problems.
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