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Enabling you to put your best foot forward with an innovative solution that suits every condition of the foot.

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Mobility is freedom. Don't let the pain stop you. 

If you suffer from Plantar Fasciitis or spend a lot of time on your feet, Glyde Insoles are the perfect fit for you. 

Glyde Insoles are made up of multiple layers of specially engineered polyester foams, shaped anatomically to ensure a proper fit. The deep heel cup helps stabilize the ankle and semi rigid arch support helps impact and reduce stress on the plantar fascia, thereby providing comfort.

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Support for the extra mile!

Misalignment at the feet leads to misalignment of the rest of the body. If you have flat feet or are over pronating, Reinforce Insoles are the ideal choice for you. 

​Reinforce insoles are made up of specially engineered polyester foam shaped anatomically to ensure support and help realign the foot. The deep heel cup and the rigid arch support prevent the inward rolling of the ankles and help improve stability.

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Unleash yourself!

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Be it the court, the running track or the field; everyone strives to be the best! 

With Dynamo's dynamic arch support and superior shock absorption, you can reduce the impact on your ankles, knees, hips and back. The deep heel cup and the specially engineered high grade silicone help improve stability and enhance propulsion as you push past your limits. 

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No Pain! Only Gain!​

Don't let pain get in your way. If you have a heel spur or experience pain in the soles of your feet,

Ice insoles are the right ones for you

Ice insoles are layers of soft silicone gel engineered and designed to address Heel Pain and Heel Spurs. When paired with suitable footwear, Ice insoles help evenly distribute pressure to provide immediate relief.

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Offload Pressure, Ulcers & Corns. We've Got it Covered!

Uncontrolled diabetes can often results in loss of sensitivity and high plantar pressure in the foot area. This may lead to ulcers in weight bearing areas of the foot and need to be treated in time. Hive Insoles are a perfect solution!!
It's unique multi-layer design provides unbeatable cushioning and shock absorption. These insoles have removable pegs that allow individual customization during treatment. The pegs can be specifically selected and removed to offload peak pressures in the affected areas. This results in distribution of plantar – foot pressures, and provides immediate relief and offloading that helps in the faster healing of wounds, ulcers and sores.

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Hive Insoles
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