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Reinforce Insoles - arch support for flat foot

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1. Deep Heel Cup- Stabilizes the ankle and prevents rolling of the ankle
2. Rigid medial arch support- provides sturdy support that moves with your feet and provides enhanced stability. It helps support in case pronated feet and provide stability.
3. Athletic Mesh top cloth provides the perfect grip and limits the movement of the foot inside the shoe.

4. Antimircobial coating helps keep the odor away and helps sustain a hygienic environment inside the shoe

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Have a flat foot? Experiencing pain in the knees, ankles, hip or back? Does your ankle have a tendancy to roll inwards? Experience support like never before! Reinforce by Tred, is a comprehensive solution to provide arch for flat feet and/or for people who pronate

Flat Feet- A person with flat feet has a diminished or flattened foot , such that the entire sole rests upon the ground. Often this leads to the inward rolling of the foot which causes pain in the heel and arch regions. This can often also result in blisters under the big toe or the first metatarsal of the foot. Ignoring the problem, can often lead to problems related to the ankle, knee and spine. Reinforce by Tred has a deep heel cup to stabilize the ankle and provide arch support for flat foot.

Good posture is vital for good health. Take the first step by giving the body, its much needed support with Reinforce. Reinforce will help realign the feet and ankles. With a correctly aligned foundation, you will see the positive effect on the posture translate through the rest of the body.

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