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Hive - Specialized Diabetic Insoles

₹2 500.00 (incl. all taxes)
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Top Layer - Anti-Microbial coated, skin friendly super soft top layer to reduce friction, ideal for Diabetics

Mid Layer - Highly conformable plastazoate layer molds itself to user’s foot shape.

Bottom Layer - High grade poron, removable hexagon shaped pegs, customized to match

individual offloading pressure needs.

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Injuries, wounds, blisters, sores etc., in the feet, particularly amongst Diabetics, can get seriously aggravated and need to be treated in time. Uncontrolled diabetes can often results in loss of sensitivity in the foot area. High plantar - foot pressures may lead to ulcers in weight bearing areas of the foot, such as the ball (side) areas of the foot, the heel, the big toe etc. which may also go unnoticed due to the loss of sensitivity. Such peak pressure areas are at a higher risk of developing ulcers, wounds, or cuts. They need to be treated by offloading pressure from the affected area.

Hive Insoles are a perfect solution!!

Its unique multi-layer design provides unbeatable cushioning and shock absorption. These insoles have hexagon shaped removable pegs that allow individual customization during treatment. The hexagonal pegs can be specifically selected and removed to offload peak pressures in the affected areas. This results in distribution of plantar – foot pressures, and provides immediate relief and offloading that helps in the faster healing of wounds, ulcers and sores.

Hive insoles can also be used without any removal of pegs, to provide all day comfort!!

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