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Ice - Gel inserts for heel pain

₹1 350.00 (incl. all taxes)
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1. Soft top cloth: makes it perfect for sensitive feet.

2. Silicone gel helps off load the pressure in high pressure regions

3 Honeycomb gel heel pad provides superior shock absorbtion at the heel and forefoot.

4. Medial Arch Support helps better distribute load while walking, standing etc.

5. Air vents: keep the feet dry and cool

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Ever experienced foot fatigue? Did you ever have to stop midway in a mall? Did you catch yourself longing for a seat while waiting in a long line? Tired achy feet is not the new normal. Spend more time on your feet with anti fatigue ICE Insoles by Tred.

Heel Spurs is a bony growth that develops around the heel bone. It begins to pierce through tissue, damaging it and causing excruciating pain. The Gel heel pad provides heel cushioning and also help offload the weight and distribute pressure better, giving you instant relief.

Corns, Calusses and Blisters are a result of suboptimal distribution of weight and as a result high pressure being applied at particular points on the foot. The Gel midsole and the Gel pad of the at the heel and forefoot help distribute the pressure evenly, reducing pain and allowing those areas to heal.

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