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Dynamo - Shoe Insoles for Running and Sports Activties

₹2 000.00 (incl. all taxes)
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Brand: TRED

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1. Deep Heel Cup- Stabilizes the ankle and prevents rolling of the ankle
2. Dynamic Biomechanical Arch Support- provides flexible yet sturdy support that moves with your feet and provides enhanced stability
3. Superior shock absorption pad at the heel and forefoot which significantly reduces shock impact to protect the knees
4. Silicone Mid Layer Optimizes loading when you are walking, running and while playing sports
5. Athletic Mesh top cloth provides the perfect grip and limits the movement of the foot inside the shoe.
6. Metatarsal Pad helps distribute the pressure at the forefoot
7. Antimircobial coating helps keep the odor away and helps sustain a hygienic environment inside the shoe

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Unleash yourself! Take your game to the next level with Dynamo. Dont shy away from being active. The dynamo is a comprehensive solution for those looking to live a longer, healthier and more active lifestyle.
The dynamic arch support helps appropriately distribute the pressure and helps stabilize the foot. Perfect for all types of arches, flat, normal or high arched individuals. The deep heel cup and the superior shock absorbtion pads at the heel helps cradle the heel to prevent the rolling of the ankle and reduces impact on your feet, ankles, knees, hip and back.
Be the best version of you with Dynamo! Your time is NOW
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