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Mello Therapeutic socks - For diabetic swollen foot, blood circulatory problems

₹450.00 (incl. all taxes)
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Product Details
[tab name="Features"]
  • Comfort Top to improve blood circulation in legs
  • Ventialted Mesh to allow the skin to breathe during intense activities and keep it cool and dry
  • Y-Heel to help firm fitting
  • Terry cushioned to protect feet from injuries

[tab name="How it Works"]

One of the ways to deal with diabetic foot care is therapeutic socks. They are socks are manufactured with silver technology to fight bacteria and keep the feet fresh all day long!

These socks are super-soft cotton knitted with Aloe Vera, which works as a natural moisturizer. The Aloe Vera is anti-inflammatory and helps rejuvenate the skin preventing ailments such as blisters, swelling and flaking on the feet. Its seamless design reduces irritation and provides comfort with cushion padding along the sensitive area of the foot.

Do away with all the problems like sensitive foot, blood circulatory problems, swollen feet with this marvel of therapeutic socks.

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